what is it, that umija?
umija is a website, an organisational platform, a point of communication for a couple of people in and around Munich. On this site we write, collect important information, help each other, share our ideas.

You could say it is a big pin board, except that it uses the internet.

But umija is also a self-organisational experiment. You want to join us? start right here!.
Many of us are still studying:
Some pictures of us ...
South Mexico Trip
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  • Google Calendar: Schwanthaler 13 mit Festivals, Konzerten, Schwanthal0r-relevanten Terminen
  • alles dot-old! Konzerte und so:
    • 24-10-09: FM4-Fest @ Muffathalle
    • 29-10-09: Express Brass Band @ Glockenbachwerkstatt
    • 07-11-09: LaBrassBanda @ Circus Krone
    • 17-11-09: Dizzee Rascal @ Backstage
    • 28-11-09: on3-Festival @ Funkhaus
    • 01/02-12-09: Götz Widmann @ Cord
    • 15/16-01-10: Pogorausch-Festival @ Backstage
    • 25-01-10: Element of Crime @ Tonhalle



...here we are:

sulu — Susi die Glückliche

roxanne — Roxi die Soziale
oesiflo — Flo der FranzOesi
phl0w — Flo der Obermieter
klml — Klaus der klml
maex — Maxi was machen die Plugins

edma — Ed der Suchende



umija contains more than 1000 web pages, that have more or less content, that make more or less sense, that are more or less understandable. As said, umija is our pin board or a kind of notepad, sometimes with great pictures, sometimes with only a few sketches or scribbles. No page is really finished, and no page is meant to be. Do you like it? Ok. You don't like it? That's ok too, click away!

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