# I have no clue what cram101 gives to the world, but it's definately no good!

  • half of the book is empty (massive waste of paper) for your own notes ... how brilliant
  • the books only consist of descriptions for tiny strings and buzzwords .. which are:
    • directly copied from wikipedia (at least in "cram101 - Fundamentals of Photonics" nothing else can be found than perfect copies of the initial descriptions stated in the english wikipedia)
    • pictures are not printed
    • buzz words do repeate (several times on the first 20 pages already)
  • no hint to find within the book, that it IS a collection of copied wikipedia phrases => ileagal copy / Urheberrechtsverletzung?!

I do not yet understand what corporationwiki wants to tell me about the cram-101-inc: [http://www.corporationwiki.com/Arizona/Lake-Havasu-City/cram-101-inc-which-will-do-business-in-california-as-cram-101-opedia/45321955.aspx]

But I definately do understand the following review cram-101-college-text-outlines-suck and Publishing scams

Do not by cram101 crap! And whats even more - stop selling / distributing it, that's no product its just waste of resources, time and money - that cant be legal!

Kauft keinesfalls cram101 (cramI0I) Bücher - das ist kein Lehrbuch, das ist eine Frechheit!