John Christopher Champion International Online Zhuangao: according to the "Daily Mail" reported on February 20th, the United States Florida recently produced an unusual robbery, startling is, the suspect John Christopher Champion (John Christopher Champion) not only isn't clear, even in a wheelchair, the he was soon arrested the main reason. Local time 15 days of evening nine forty-five, 22 year old champion sat his electric wheelchair to Chiefland (Chiefland) a convenience store.To the counter, he took out| a folding knife, to 54 year old female cashier for cash. The cashier for uniform champion, but in two of them the scuffle process, her thigh 3 by champion pricks.She only looked at the champion took a box of 12 cans of beer and a roll of tape, robbed the commodity price of $20. More bold, before leaving the store, champion also encourage this female staff pressed the emergency button alarm.He was arrested after explained: "I think the police will arrest a disabled."Police arrived at the convenience store, behind a suspect, his wheelchair is here sand trap, but champion didn't seem anxious to escape, because he was still drunk when arrested just off beer, seem to be dead drunk. Champion said he was from the store "stole" the goods, but not "rob".But the convenience| store video surveillance has been the champion crime shot down.Prosecutors prepare to robbery and seriously wounding counts to sue him.